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The Spacewell Energy Platform (Dexma)

Your AI powered energy savings tool.

Products | Spacewell Energy Platform (Dexma)

Welcome to Data-Driven Energy Intelligence

Dexma Detect

Tired of hearing that your savings potential is somewhere between 5% to 30%?

Use Spacewell Energy – Dexma Detect to get personalised savings recommendations based on your actual energy bills.

No on-site audit or hardware installation required, ever.

Dexma Analyse

30% of your buildings will generate 70% of total energy savings, but only real-time data can unlock your full energy footprint.

Benefit from the fastest, most robust and scalable solution on the market.

With our advanced suite, you can monitor and analyse any variable that affects energy consumption.

Dexma Optimise

A portfolio of buildings produces +10M readings/year, which is overwhelming for Energy Management teams.

Automate your energy management process with 24/7 powered anomaly detection.

Scale your process, detect anomalies, and optimise your consumption.

DEXMA Hardware

Integrate with the hardware you already have

Spacewell Energy Platform (Dexma) covers more than 200 hardware integrations from 50 different vendors and counting.

从传感器到网关,通过scada和BMS, our integration team is always up for new challenges.

Found a new box you want to use in your project? No worries, we will work together to integrate it.

Expand your saving power with the Energy Apps Market

Does your project demand a different tool to satisfy 100% of your needs? Get it on the Energy Apps Market. Even better, use our matchless API to create your own tool, whether it’s a fancy new dashboard, localised analysis, custom reports or smart alerts.

Use your data to create the customised tool you need: it’s that easy.


Save money.
And let everybody know.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with your team. Get everybody on board and engaged using the communication tools offered by Spacewell Energy Platform (Dexma). Use our ready-made templates, create your own block-based reports, or explore a whole new world with customised reporting.

From 1 site to infinity and beyond

From aggregated global figures to local granularity.

Forget about those endless Excel spreadsheets: Actionable, data-driven insights make cost reduction decisions painless.