Energy efficiency for ESCOs

Forget spreadsheets, simplify data management for better and faster projects. From validating savings to reporting, it’s all in Spacewell Energy by Dexma.

Energy Efficiency in ESCOs
Energy Efficiency in ESCOs

ESCOs provide energy services to a wide range of customers with many different goals. Configuring and analysing these large portfolios to achieve the optimal energy management can be an arduous task.
It is not easy to analyse the big daily amount of energy data generated in order to give the best service to your clients.

Avoid large and heavy onboardings. Use Spacewell Energy – Dexma Detect to pre-audit prospect users and Spacewell Energy – Dexma Analyse to inform your customers about their energy consumption with just a click.

Report bill simulations in advance and check the reliability of the data you are gathering. Analyse your client’s consumption and track the evolution of your measure and verification projects.


From pre-audit to execution in one single platform

Pre-audit your prospect customers to determine if they are a good fit

Prepare your offer by calculating baselines automatically

Execute the project verifying savings & sharing reports


What’s in it for you

Data integration through hardware or API

Insert data using +1.000 integrated hardware meters or through our insertion API. Including historicals.

Massive configuration through Excel

Configure your account in an excel spreadsheet and import it to DEXMA, scaling your on-boarding process.

Evaluate your prospect clients

Reduce risk in new projects benchmarking your sites against our database.

Calculate baselines automatically

Calculate baselines faster than ever thanks to DEXMA. Adjust your preferred settings before obtaining the final formula.

Weather data always available

DEXMA’s database offers +40.000 weather stations to compare your consumption data vs. real weather conditions.

Simulate baseline scenarios

Adjust project risk by tuning your baselines and simulating “what if” scenarios before stamping the formula on the contract.

Measure and Verify savings (M&V)

Track savings in real time using the IPMVP protocol. Get notified when something is wrong and fix it before paying penalties.

Flexible analytics

Create your own charts based on forecasts, portfolio aggregated analysis, linear regressions, consumption vs temperature chart.

Automatic reports

Share the project status with your customers by creating automatic reports based on your Word or Excel templates.

Experience the power now!

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How to differentiate your ESCO 555x416