Cost Savings – Become energy and cost efficient

发现机会,等e your consumption and become energy & cost efficient. Saving has never been that easy!

Cost Savings - Become energy and cost efficient
Cost Savings - Become energy and cost efficient

Cost savings is the ultimate goal of energy management strategies for all companies. Start saving with Spacewell Energy – Dexma Detect: with little investment, go through your entire portfolio and find out which are your best cost saving opportunities, and get saving recommendations for everyone.

Once you know where your saving opportunities are, Spacewell Energy – Dexma Analyse will give you detailed information of your consumptions.

Compare utility contracts; detect anomalies in the consumption profile; configure alerts.


Take control of your energy bills

Comparison of utilities contracts for optimising bill costs

Detect and report anomalies in the consumption profile (alert for isolated events, and Anomaly Detection for portfolio study)

Create and track efficiency projects


Detect energy inefficiencies and optimise savings

Detect saving opportunities

Spacewell Energy - Dexma Detect allows you to find out your biggest saving opportunities with little investment.

Bill simulations

Bill simulations allow you to compare utilities contracts with your own consumption data. Make an informed choice and optimise your bill costs.

Set up alerts

Set up alerts so that you can act in time.

Energy efficiency project

Set up Measurement and Verification projects and keep track of your energy efficiency project. Make sure your projects have return.

Custom reports

Custom Reports give you detailed information.

Experience the power now!

Choosing Your Energy Management Software
Choosing Your Energy Management Software