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Dexma Analyse

Real time energy intelligence for businesses that consume energy.

DEXMA Analyse

30% of your buildings generate 70% of total energy savings, but only real-time energy intelligence can uncover your full energy footprint. Benefit from the fastest, most robust and scalable solution on the market to solve your energy management problems.


One tool for professional Energy Managers

Real-Time Monitoring

Get data from your sensors, no matter the protocol or the hardware you chose.

Analyse & Verify

Investing without verifying? Not with Spacewell Energy – Dexma Analyse. Analyse and verify your savings in real time.

Save as a Team

Show off your project progress and engage your team with automated reporting and alerts.

Integrate with the hardware
you already have

Spacewell Energy by Dexma covers more than 200 hardware integrations from 50 different vendors and counting.

From sensors to gateways, through SCADAs and BMS, our integration team is always up for new challenges.

Found a new box you want to use in your project? No worries, we will work together to integrate it.

Instant setup. Easy Energy Management

Be up and running in less than 15 minutes, no matter the size of your portfolio, thanks to the Excel sheet project importer.

Your Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) tracker

Create baselines in less than a minute, and verify your savings in real time during the whole EPC contract.

Spacewell Energy by Dexma’s powerful analysis tools help you define and quantify the improvements to be made in the efficiency of your buildings.

Based on the EVO’s IPMVP protocol, it was never easier to track your investments.

Expand your capabilities with the
Energy Apps Market

Does your project call for a different tool to fully satisfy your needs? Get it on the Energy Apps Market. Even better, use our matchless API to create your own tool, whether it’s a fancy new dashboard, localised analysis, custom reports or smart alerts.

Use your data to create the custom tool you need:it’s that easy.

Save money.
And let everybody know.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with your team. Get everybody on board and engaged using the communication tools offered by Spacewell Energy – Dexma Analyse. Use our ready-made templates, create your own block-based reports, or explore a whole new world with customised reporting.


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