Energy efficiency
in Real Estate

Manage your buildings portfolio, benchmark, propose energy (and cost) savings and ease tenant billing, all at once.

energy efficiency in real estate
DEXMA Real Estate energy management

As a Real Estate owner, you may have trouble billing your different tenants, managing the consumption of your buildings and trying to find energy inefficiencies in the least intrusive way.

With Spacewell Energy – Dexma Detect, that work becomes much easier. Benchmark your sites and know which energy saving measures are most effective for each location.

UseSpacewell Energy – Dexma Analyseto bill each of your tenants separately and benchmark them in an easy and visual way, regardless of the energy source or the way you want your tenants to be segmented.


Optimise the energy efficiency of your buildings portfolio increasing the wellness of your users

Get data from invoices, BMS, IoT hardware and databases

Detect worst buildings and discover saving opportunities

Perform tenant billing and reporting at scale, effortless


Over exceed tenants expectations with the energy efficiency intelligent platform for buildings

Anomalies detection

Get a list of anomalies automatically detected by AI algorithms.

Electricity, gas, water…

生物量、油箱, comfort and wellness. Monitor and analyse all you need in your project.

Tenant billing

报告法案模拟所有的租户,effortless and automated way.

Custom pricing

Define your own pricing strategies, and share them throughout the portfolio.

Prices simulation

Simulate new offers received from utilities and take intelligent decisions.

Normalised benchmarking

Cross your energy consumption with ratios, such as occupancy and surface.

Portfolio overview

Get the most of Location Map, TreeMap, and Synoptic features, to track and rank energy consumption in a glimpse.

NILM - Virtual disaggregation

Spacewell Energy - Dexma Detect is a non-intrusive way to detect energy saving opportunities in your whole portfolio using NILM technology. (* for selected sectors & countries)

Sustainability reporting

Report Carbon equivalent emissions and GHG in scopes 1, 2 and 3.

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Energy Efficiency For Real Estate Companies And Facility Managers
Energy Efficiency For Real Estate Companies And Facility Managers