Energy efficiency for OEMs

Reduce risk and accelerate time-2-market to enter into the software and service economy.

Spacewell Energy by Dexma API will do the rest.

Energy efficiency for OEMS
Energy efficiency for OEMS

OEMs strive to switch their products into services, so that they benefit from a recurring revenue stream. But stepping into the Software as a Service (SaaS) world is not a job for one day.

Spacewell Energy by Dexma white-label platform including Detect, Analyse and Optimise is the perfect end-to-end solution to transform your ‘one-shot’ into recurring customers.

Start offering added value services to your existing products from day one with a solid and tested commercial solution. Forget about long development cycles that fail before they hit the market.


Improve your customer loyalty offering the best experience

Integrate your hardware or software using native integrations or API

Promote your added-value services and detect prospect users with higher potential

Execute real time analysis and provide access to the end customer

Control customer’s facilities in order to get the most of their energy


Your own custom unified platform

Data integration

Insert data from your Data lake or IoT platform using Spacewell Energy by Dexma insertion API or hardware native integrations. Historicals included.

With your own brand

Having a full branded platform is a must to provide a seamless user experience and engagement.

Dedicated project engineer

A dedicated engineer will assist you in each step of your project, performing training and on-boarding.

Automated commissioning from CRM

Creating accounts from CRM facilitates delivering energy services at scale. We can perform custom integrations.


AI powered algorithms will detect which sites make more sense to proactively offer energy services to, and which don’t.

Accurate recommendations

Promote your services, and then let the AI powered algorithms calculate which customers would benefit from each.


By using Non Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) algorithms Spacewell Energy by Dexma virtually disaggregates how much energy is being consumed for HVAC, Lighting, Freezers, etc. without hardware. (* for selected sectors & countries)

Automatic Anomaly Detection

Automatically detect anomalies in your customer’s consumption and engage with them while being proactive and scaling your energy services.

Baselines and savings verification (M&V)

Generate baselines automatically and verify savings in real time according to IPMV protocol.


Threshold alerts, no data alert, penalties, just get alerted when something is going wrong.

Automatic reports

Share the project evolution with your customers by creating automatic reports based on your Word or Excel templates.

Customise end customer access

Not all users need access to all features, so simply configure which set of features need each one.

Experience the power now!

Advanced Energy Analytics
Advanced Energy Analytics