ISO 50.001 – Energy management certification

Analyse consumption, crosscheck it with KPIs, compare it to your baseline and report. Get the ISO 50.001 with Spacewell Energy by Dexma.

ISO 50.001 - Energy management certification
DEXMA ISO 50001 50.001

As a big company, you may need to implement ISO 50.001 or just implement it to improve your company’s efficiency.

Use Spacewell Energy – Dexma Analyse to follow up all your consumptions and analyse them by any relevant ratio you need.

Spacewell能源——Dexma测量和分析Verification (M&V) module allows you to track your savings following the IPMVP protocol. You can define your own baseline formula, a savings target and apply conditional cases and non routine adjustments. Visualise your project consumption and savings and compare them to baseline consumption.

Automatic Baseline Calculator will generate accurate baseline formulas with requested parameters to use.
Use all this information to Report through charts, tables and pictures into your own custom reports.


The energy platform that gets you ISO 50.001 certified

Analyse consumption by energy source and ratio

Automatically calculate your baseline

Track the evolution of energy efficiency initiatives


What’s in it for you

Detect saving opportunities

Spacewell Energy - Dexma Detect is a non-intrusive way to detect saving opportunities. Obtain reports energy saving measures recommendations.

Automatic baseline calculator

Use Automatic Baseline Calculator to find accurate baseline formulas for your measure and verification projects.

Start saving energy

Follow your IPMVP projects with Measurement and Verification module and start saving energy.

Advanced analytics

Compare your consumption with the baseline, for each energy source and ratio, using Advanced Analytics.


Create your own report to have documented all your efforts, analysis, savings and any other useful information.

Custom dashboards

Get all relevant information through custom dashboards every time you login.


Track through alerts when your consumption is higher than expected.

Experience the power now!

ISO 50001 The Guide For The Energy Professional
ISO 50001 The Guide For The Energy Professional